DogCamp Boquete is a charitable organization whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, socialize and find permanent, loving homes for dogs in and around Boquete, Panama.

Founded by Javier and Magaly, DogCamp has become well-known and respected throughout the community.  Javier and Magaly are both animal lovers who have made it their mission to rescue, socialize, rehabilitate and offer for adoption the many puppies and dogs that need good food, medications, socialization, training and a good home!

To accomplish their mission, Javier and Magaly coordinate with many individuals and organizations throughout the area.  When a person or group locates an animal in need of care, Javier and Magaly will rescue the animal and take it to their spacious facility for medical care, training and any other needs the animal may have.   This helps prevent the spread of disease and improves the lives of the dogs they rescue.

Their ultimate goal is to have all these wonderful animals find their permanent home with residents in the area who can provide the love and care these animals deserve!